Baby Belly Yoga
Love your Belly ~ Nurture your Baby
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Benefits of Mom & Baby Yoga

builds strength, stamina, and flexibility

tones and strengthens abdominal muscles

teaches correct posture for holding baby

reduces stress and releases tension

teaches coping techniques for feeling overwhelmed

strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

provides the opportunity to connect with other moms

provides a fun environment for your baby to socialize 

Mom and Baby Yoga

  Cultivate strength, increase energy, and nurture your well-being all while bonding with your baby.


Class Info
Day Time          Location  Price
10:30-11:30am     Arrow EXCHANGE
(walk through Big City Bread's patio and down the concrete path on the left-hand side of the building; note: this is NOT the same entrance as Arrow, which faces Meigs Street)
$60/6-class punch-card

CHILDCARE AVAILABLE FOR OLDER SIBLINGS - $5/CHILD for more info and to be added to our email list for updates
Not sure if this class is for you?
1st BabyBellyYoga class is FREE
Frequently Asked Questions about Mom & Baby Yoga

When can my baby and I start?
Baby:  The class is designed for newborns up to 18 months.  
Mom:  It is recommended for moms to wait and start after you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor or midwife at your postpartum checkup. 

What should I bring to class?
It would be totally fine to show up with nothing except your baby, but here are some options of things you may want to bring...
water bottle, yoga mat, blanket for baby to lay on, etc..

What if my baby wants to eat during class?
Many of the poses can be modified so that you can breastfeed or bottlefeed whenever your baby wants.  This class is a breastfeeding-friendly environment so it's a great place to practice nursing in public.

What if my baby won't stay on the mat with me?
No problem!  This class is the ultimate practice in flexibility and we are constantly adapting to baby's changing needs.  This class is suitable for crawlers and walkers as well as newborns.

I have a toddler/older child - can I bring her to class also?
Definitely!  But if you want to have just one-on-one time with baby, childcare is available at the Arrow location for older siblings can play and hang out with other kiddos at Arrow.

What if my baby cries during class?
As mothers, if there's one thing we know, it's that babies cry sometimes.  That is why we practice different techniques that will help calm and soothe a fussy baby.

Should I pre-register or just show up?
This is a drop-in class, so just come when you can!  

Have another question?  
Email or call 205.532.6383
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